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VCE VET Dance (Years 10, 11 or 12)

VCE VET Dance is a pre-vocational course, and will prepare you to audition for further (tertiary) training as dancer, dance teacher or choreographer. Find out more here


The course will give you a taste of what the industry is like so you can work out if you want to pursue dance as a career. If you successfully complete this course you will receive a Certificate II in Dance CUA20113, completed over two years. VET Dance is available as a VCE subject or as part of a VM program.


As a requirement of the course, students enrolled in VET Dance must also be enrolled, at a minimum,  an additional one hour of dance per week. This additional class can be through Footworks or MasterClass with 3d Arts or through an alternative dance setting. 3d Arts partners with Dance Teaching Organsation (RTO) to deliver this accredited course run by qualified, industrty trained professionals.

2 hour class.

Fee: $291.50 per term

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Terra Dance

Terra Dance (18 yrs +)

Terra Dance is a space for dancers to continue training and advance their choreography opportunities. Terra Dance will provide performance opportunities and a focus on empowering dancers passionate about further developing their skills and creativity through dance. Terra Dance is a suitable class for recreational and pre-professional dancers. 1.5 hr class

Fee: $23.10 per week

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