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3d Arts invests in the next generation of leaders in the Arts industry who drive and shape cultural change. 

We are an accredited training organisation for VCE/VET Dance, equipping emerging dance leaders from Year 10-VCE in certificate level industry qualifications. 

Third Door Theatre and Eden Dance, our resident theatre and dance companies, exist to strengthen the Arts culture in Melbourne by cultivating community in the Arts industry. 

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VCE/VET Dance (Years 10, 11 or 12)

VCE VET Dance is a pre-vocational course, and will prepare you to audition for further (tertiary) training as dancer, dance teacher or choreographer.


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Through live art that collides with life, adding beauty and integrity, 3d Arts Productions create a space for emerging and professional artists to train, play, create and perform.

The Third Door Theatre and Eden Dance ensembles are a graduate space for emerging artists and a doorstep to the professional industry.

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