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Junior Academy

Our Junior Academy is open to students aged
4 – 12. We offer fun, engaging, confidence-building classes in Music, Drama & Dance.

All Junior students perform together in the annual Spring Production, a 3d Arts original musical.


Activate: Movement Play, Ages 4 – 6

Activate classes are a fun, movement play session designed to stir the imagination and stimulate creativity. Activate classes are an inviting, high energy half-hour with lots of music, storytelling and basic movement awareness.

Square 1: Dance & Drama, Ages 6 –8

Square 1 classes are foundation level training in dance and drama. Students are taught the basics of stage awareness, voice and movement, as well as training in a variety of dance styles, through 2 x 45-minute workshops of Dance and/or Drama. Square 1 aims to engage, capture and challenge young creatives.


Spark: Dance & Drama, Ages 8 – 10

The focus of Spark is to inject confidence and energy, promoting greater independence, through 2 x 45-minute workshops in Dance and/or Drama. Students begin to develop their core strength, balance and technique. Sparks will find their voice, discovering the basics of character development in a fun, playful and challenging way. 

Elevate: Dance & Drama, Ages 10 – 12

Elevate is designed to catapult students to the next level in their training. Through 2 x 45-minute workshops in Dance and/or Drama, students experience next-level acting and dance training with greater attention on characterisation, improvisation, composition and specialised dance technique. 


Amplify: Choir Ages 9 – 12

Amplify is a choral program for upper primary students. which develops foundation level discipline in singing as part of a vocal ensemble. Students are exposed to a wide range of music and vocal styles and develop the control of, and love for, their voice. 

Junior Ballet, Ages 9 – 12

Junior Ballet offers essential foundation techniques in classical dance. Junior Ballet students gain the basic disciplines of dance and a grounding in ballet technique. 

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