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3d Arts is committed to creating opportunities for everyone to engage with the Arts and to seeing young people thrive all across Melbourne.


We believe the Arts is a foundational building block for creating culture and for investing in creative capital that will be inherited by future generations. The Arts produce a dynamic and creative force that always results in action: Arts In Action!


Arts in Action

The Performing Arts allows us to invent and re-imagine stories that shape and change culture. Stories, or parables, transmit messages and carry meaning about making a life worth imitating. Music, dance and drama fuse together in ways no other languages can.


The Arts can start a conversation that we can all be a part of. When we provide creative vocabulary around an idea, issue or theme, we see the conversation shift and begin to impact the culture around us.

Arts in Action partnerships begin because there is a specific need in a part of our community. It may be a school, community organisation, festival, public or corporate event or a gathering that brings people together with a similar heart.

Arts In Action partnerships aim to strengthen culture and encourage positive social transformation through Performing Arts. Our projects are based on Christian values and are always accessible, inclusive, anti-exploitative and enriching.​



Our vision is to deeply invest in the school community. 3d Arts Teaching Artists are experienced industry professionals who look to champion the good work already happening in the school.

We work alongside people such as school chaplains and wellbeing workers who have the heart to see lives transformed and school culture strengthened.



'I loved the way everyone was involved… the children in the audience all seemed captivated by their peers' performances!'
—Education Support Staff Member

'Core Values were explored in so many different activities that students became very aware of what the value was, what it looked like, how it felt.'

—Student Wellbeing Coordinator

'So fantastic to have a program run by music and drama professionals when we are unable to offer specialist programs in this area.' —Classroom Teacher

Training Artists as Leaders 

3d Arts is an urban arts movement that works to strengthen community by raising up leaders in the Performing Arts industry. We see artists as agents of change who develop their craft by performing to different audiences, in different contexts

We perform at festivals, openings, arts & cultural events, and for professional film, television, dance and theatre. We develop partnerships with councils, churches, not-for-profits, charities and community groups. We provide immersive apprenticeships for emerging artists to train and develop their skills and pioneer arts initiatives that create positive social transformation.

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Our grassroots urban dance movement, PROXIMITY, began in 2016 and annually attracts some of the best choreographers in Melbourne. PROXIMITY is an all-ages, intensive Dance Day designed to bring dance to the suburbs.

Our Community Partners include State Youth Games Victoria, Knox Carols by Candlelight, Mooroolbark Festival, Church Unite, The Salvos Christmas Carols, Crossway Church, Proximity Dance Festival,  Indimax Productions, Candlelight Productions to name a few. 

Annually performing on some of the biggest stages across the country, our performers are leaders in the Performing Arts and are professionally qualified, industry experts.

We want to see talent home-grown, rather than "hired-in" and believe in coming alongside organisations and individual practitioners to strengthen what is already taking place in the community. If you'd like to discuss a partnership further, please contact us.

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