vision & mission


3d Arts Company is a charitable, not-for-profit urban arts organisation Creating Opportunities for young people to reach their God-given potential through the Arts and Strengthening Communities by raising up leaders in the Arts industry.  Together, we are Transforming Lives of young people across the city of Melbourne. 












3d Arts is a Christian company founded on the belief that the Arts can be used as an expression of God’s heart for the world.


We follow the three dimensional example of Jesus who loved God, loved his friends and family, and showed love for the world by serving and caring for all people.


Our vision is to provide an inclusive, anti-exploitative, child-safe and family-centered environment in which all people experience connectedness within the extended family of 3d Arts and develop personal character as well as competence in the Performing Arts. 


We exist to inspire and empower young people and leading artists to engage with their world, provoking conversations that create change. Through the lenses of theatre, music and dance, 3d Arts believes in pioneering Arts initiatives that shift culture, provide hope and bring transformation.

We see a future led by the most skilled artists, actors, dancers and musicians, whose job it is to trade in creative capital - writing, sharing and collecting modern parables that teach us how to live a life worth imitating. 

Creating Opportunties. Strengthening Communities. Transforming Lives.


LIFE in 3d...


At the heart of 3d Arts Company is our Performing Arts Academy providing open-access classes for young people in the Performing Arts across our campuses in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Our dance, drama, music and movement play classes for students from pre-school to tertiary level place value on personal character and professional competence in the Arts. The Performing Arts Academy is the training and apprenticeship space for our teaching artists and volunteers who lead our schools and community programs, called Arts In Action. 


3d Arts is committed to creating opportunities for young people to reach their potential all across Melbourne through Arts in Action Partnerships. Our long-term Arts In Action School Partnerships in local schools and community organisations shape school culture and encourage positive social transformation through Performing Arts projects involving every young person in the community. Our teaching artists tour primary and secondary schools in Melbourne promoting strong and positive message of hope through life-impacting theatre and dance performances designed to challenge young people to live a life with purpose and integrity. 


Third Door Theatre Company and Eden Dance Company exist to strengthen the Arts culture in Melbourne by cultivating community in the Arts industry, creating work that shapes and creates culture. Through live art that collides with life, adding beauty and integrity, 3d Arts Productions create a space for emerging and professional artists to train, play, create and perform. The Third Door Theatre and Eden Dance ensembles are a graduate space for emerging artists and a doorstep to the professional industry.




We value Family, Integrity and Beauty. 


We are an extended family reaching across the community, making leaders with identity and integrity who reflect the beauty of the Creator in the Arts.