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The 39 Steps

Metanoia Theatre, Brunswick

Written by John Buchan, Adapted by Patrick Barlow.


Third Door Theatre presents the two-time TONY AWARD-winning modern classic comedy, 'The 39 Steps'.

A rollicking good spy-thriller based on the Hitchcock masterpiece mixed with a dash of Monty Python, 'The 39 Steps' is a riotous and unforgettable evening of pure pleasure!

With dazzling feats of stagecraft wizardry, herculean fitness and a cast of thousands played by only four actors, 'The 39 Steps' is a delight for anyone who loves the magic of theatre!


Ben Taylor, Brian Edmond, Kane Lach, Melody Taylor.


Director: Cale Maclaren

Lighting Design: Emma Whitehead

Stage Manager: Dillon Stock

Sound Direction: Steven Spratley

Costume Design: Barbra Vernon

Production Manager: Colette MacLaren

Dramaturgy & Assistant Direction: Calypso Spendlove

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