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Star Quest: the Hero's Call

Written by Cale MacLaren
Music & Lyrics by Ben Taylor
Original Choreography by Colette MacLare
Performed by the cast of the 2019 Junior Academy


Somewhere in the far reaches of the universe, the intrepid crew of the Sovereign Alliance Mothercraft, the Archimedes, are awaking from interplanetary stasis sleep. Led by the greatest space explorer in history, Captain Jack Ventura, their quest is to fearlessly venture across the universe in search of new worlds.

Parked somewhere outside the outer fifth quadrant, deep in the Veridian system, a new planet looms on the horizon. Could it be home to a previously undiscovered sentient species of humanoid life forms? Only the most daring adventurers will find out!

On the brink of the greatest discovery in the history of mankind, the Captain and his crew must heed the call of all great heroes, even if no one is watching! Get on board and set a course for the adventure of a lifetime. With original songs and a family-friendly message for all ages, it’s time to go on a space journey that’s out of this world!

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