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A Good Knight Story

Written by Cale MacLaren
Music & Lyrics by Ben Taylor
Original Choreography by Colette MacLare
Performed by the cast of the 2019 Junior Academy


Many suns ago, in the distant Kingdom of Caradoc, lived a noble and groovy order of Knights. Their duty was to protect Queen Illystrata and all who lived in the twelve realms

The Queen had just returned home from battling an ancient enemy that had threatened the peaceful life the people of Caradoc had known for generations. Gathering in honour of their beloved Queen, the citizens celebrated a Boogie Knight to remember the only way they knew how—with killer disco moves!


Meanwhile, unbeknownst to those closest to her, the Queen harboured a terrible secret. Like a tightly wound coil, a powerful fear began to grip her heart. As her fear took hold, throwing the once shimmering city of Caradoc into the shade of an eternal shadow, her people beginning to lose heart. The long succession of brave Kings and Queens who had ruled Caradoc looked to be coming to an end!


But, just as cool under cannon fire, as under a mirror ball, the Knights of Felsic mounted one last defence in an epic dance-battle for justice, truth and chivalry that would be remembered across the ages.

A Good Knight Story is a tale as old as time itself, reminding us that courage doesn’t mean you don’t feel afraid: it means you don’t let your fears stop you. Saturday Night Fever meets Monty-Python in an original, family-friendly musical about the meaning of courage and choosing to do the right thing, even when you are afraid.

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