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The Cat's Pyjamas

Written by Calypso Spendlove & Cale MacLaren
Music & Lyrics by Ben Taylor
Original Choreography by Colette MacLare
Performed by the cast of the 2016 Junior Academy


The Cat's Pyjamas is an original musical that asks the age-old question, what are you made of?

Set in the bustling, cosmopolitan metropolis of Mouserchusettes, The Cat’s Pyjamas follows the story of a young fashion designer Cleo Pawlioni. Renowned for making Pyjamas of the highest quality, Cleo Pawlioni and her design team discover that someone has been stealing her designs and using them to create inferior counterfeits!

In this world of high fashion where every Top Cat wears the latest Pyjamas, the street-wise investigative journalist Felicity Whiskers is determined to solve the case—if only she didn’t have to report on the upcoming Feline Fashion Festival!

With deadlines looming, there’s only one man who can help solve the case: Spike McClaw, Private Investigator. Teaming up to follow the clues, Spike and Felicity set out on an adventure that unravels more than just a few hemlines! Enlisting the help of the Alley Cats, the lowest of Mouserchusettes cat-kind who long to be the Top Cats in town wearing the finest PJ’s, the two allies sift from the top to the bottom of the town to find the truth.

Who is the mysterious Copy-Cat and will they be stopped before Cleo unveils her latest designs at the festival?

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