In 2021, 3d Arts Academy classes will be offered in Dance, Drama and Music (Vocals & Music Composition).

Classes commence Monday 8th February, 2021. 

Please read below for a description of our 2021 class syllabus. 

Information for Students and Parents 

Students from Ages 4 to Adult can enrol in a variety of classes depending on age and experience in Dance, Drama and/or Music. Classes run on Tuesday afternoon at our Croydon site, and Monday & Thursday afternoons and evenings at our Burwood site. Students may choose to enrol in dance, drama and music classes at the most appropriate level, or they may choose to enrol in only one, or two disciplines.

A light afternoon tea is provided for all junior students during our community space in the changeover between classes. Afternoon tea, including tea and coffee, is also provided for parents. Our hosts are there to assist with signing in and fee payment, and will do everything they can to make everyone feel welcome and safe. We invite parents to relax with other families in our welcome area.

All students perform annually in our Spring Production. Students may also have the opportunity to perform throughout the year at community performances, fetes, festivals and seasonal events. We aim to create opportunities for students to perform out in the community as often as possible.


Students do not require specialised uniforms for classes, however we encourage students to purchase their own 3dArts Company t-shirt ($20 ordered at the beginning and middle of the year). 


As a not-for-profit organisation with a vision to provide access to the Arts to all people, 3d Arts heavily subsidises all class fees and levies. Our fees are much lower than commercial rates and donations to our junior productions are voluntary. We have a heart to ensure that no one misses out on the activities and community that 3d Arts promotes. Please approach us if any costs are beyond your means and we can support you financially. We also invite families who are able to contribute to our scholarship support program which creates opportunities for young people to participate in 3d Arts who would otherwise be unable to due to financial hardship. 

All classes are very affordable, beginning at $5.50 - $8.25 per class for juniors and $11.00 - $16.50 for Youth & Adults. We strongly encourage all families to pay term fees at the commencement of each term by bank deposit. 

As a not-for-profit, charitable organisation, we rely on donations from our supporters to continue our work in the community. Please consider giving a financial gift to support young people in the arts by contributing a production donation during production season, or by completing a supporter form on our website and becoming a regular support partner. 
















Click here for the 2020 Class Timetable


We welcome students from entry to professional level to join our classes. Please email us to inquire about enrolling for 2021 and to find out more at info@3darts.com.auPlease note that some classes are already at capacity and places are limited. Whilst we will do everything we can to create space for everyone, there may be a waiting list for some classes. A class timetable will be posted early each year.


Activate Movement Play - Ages 4-6

Activate classes are a fun, movement play session designed to stir imagination and stimulate creativity. Activate classes are an inviting, high energy half-hour with lots of music, storytelling and basic movement awareness.


Square 1 Dance & Drama - Ages 6-8

Square 1 classes are foundation level training in dance and drama. Divided into 2 x 45 minute workshops in Dance and/or Drama, students are taught the basics of stage awareness, voice and movement. Square 1 students receive training in a variety of dance styles. Square 1 aims to engage, capture and challenge young creatives. 


Spark Dance & Drama - Ages 8-10

Spark is a space where young people build on the foundations laid down in Square 1. Divided into 2 x 45 minute workshops in Dance and/or Drama, the focus of Spark is to inject confidence and energy, promoting greater independence. Students begin to develop their core strength, balance and technique. Sparks will find their voice, discovering the basics of character development in a fun, playful and challenging way. 


Elevate Dance & Drama - Ages 10-12

Elevate classes are designed to catapult students to the next level in their training. Divided into 2 x 45 minute workshops in Dance and/or Drama, students experience next level acting and dance training with greater attention on characterisation, improvisation, composition and specialised dance technique. 


Junior Music - Grades 3-6 - Ages 9-12

Junior Music choir will develop foundation level discipline in singing as part of a vocal ensemble. Students are exposed to a wide range of music and vocal styles and develop the control of, and a love for, their voice. 


3d Arts Youth Theatre (3dYT) 13-19

3dYT is a Youth Training Academy for actors aged 13-19 who love to perform and are passionate about learning the craft of acting for the stage. 3dYT is a youth ensemble of actors who learn to work collaboratively, staging a full scale annual production. Professionally directed, 3dYT syllabus covers various acting techniques, play-making, performance styles and the art of improvised theatre. 3dYT students are given opportunities to train with Third Door Theatre productions throughout the year. Please visit the Youth Theatre page to find out more. 

3d Arts Music Theatre - Ages 13-19

3dMT is the Music Theatre stream of the 3d Arts Company youth classes, offering weekly rehearsal workshops culminating in an annual full scale musical production. Professionally directed, with industry experienced choreographers and vocal coaches, 3dMT students specialise in musical theatre disciplines of voice, dance and acting. 3dMT develops the whole performer. Please visit the 3d Arts Music Theatre page for more. 


3dArts Youth Music - Ages 13-19

Youth Music (Yrs 7 - First year Uni) - In 2020, Youth Music will run in two semester-long units.


Semester 1 will be choir-based with students developing their choral skills across a wide range of musical styles.


Semester 2 will focus on songwriting and music creation as students are coached through the process of composing their own music.


Students may choose to enrol in a single semester but are strongly encouraged to enrol for both as each unit will feed into the other.


Open Ballet - Ages 13+

Beginner to Intermediate Level. Open Ballet students study a variety of barre and centre work drawing on R.A.D Syllabus. Perfect for those wanting to return to ballet or developing younger dancers in classical technique. 


Junior Ballet - Grades 3-6/Ages 9-12

Junior Ballet offers essential foundation technique in classical dance. Junior Ballet students gain the basic disciplines of dance and a grounding in ballet technique. 


Footworks Dance Company - Ages 13+

Footworks is a specialised Dance Academy for emerging dancers. Footworks is a ministry of 3d Arts open to everyone from the community. Professionally trained Footworks dancers are disciplined in contemporary, jazz, ballet and street styles. Footworks is commissioned by various community groups and professional organisations throughout each year. Please visit the Footworks Dance Company page to find out more. 


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